Contact the City

Contact City of Berkeley Officials and Demand Berkeley suspend the Use Permit for Lehigh Hanson Asphalt

Lehigh Hanson Asphalt has been and continues to be in violation of a court ordered mandate to install pollution controls – issued over 20 years ago.

Despite these violations, the City of Berkeley authorizes the asphalt plant to operate through a City Use Permit.  Use permits can be suspended or revoked for Public Nuisance concerns such as air pollution.  

The asphalt plant was ordered to put in pollution controls in a 1999 legal settlement (over 20 years ago!).  Additional mitigations beyond those in the settlement should be included in Best Available Retrofit Control Technology. 

Pollution controls should be fully installed, tested, and shown to be effective prior reauthorizing asphalt plant operations. 

Contact these City of Berkeley officials: